Why Outsource Your Cafeteria Management?

Consolidated Management Company provides turnkey cafeteria management from planning menus, to executing the foodservice to cleaning up. You provide the space, equipment, and utilities, and we’ll provide the rest including:

  1. Hiring and training the team members
  2. Menu composition and planning
  3. Purchasing the raw food product and materials
  4. Producing meals, including assembling and cooking
  5. Serving meals to the customer
  6. Washing the dishes and mopping the floor
  7. Measuring and reporting results for continuous improvement purposes

Top Five Reasons to Outsource your Foodservice Management:

  1. Hand all the problems and expenses over to someone else.  If there is a food related problem, one simple call solves it.
  2. You are the expert at what you do. Consolidated Management Company is the expert at cafeteria management.
  3. Many clients find that they receive a higher quality food program for less money.
  4. You get back up support for the foodservice team and program.  If someone is sick or quits, we take care of it. If someone heads down the wrong path, we correct them.  If you need extra expertise for a special function, we provide it.  All this service for no extra cost.
  5. We stay on top of current trends, regulations, and desires – so you don’t have to!

Large enough to do it right, small enough to care – The Consolidated Management difference

Consolidated Management Company is large enough to fulfill your foodservice management needs, but also small enough to care about you.

With 40 years of experience in foodservice management and a reputation of doing what we say we’ll do, we bring superior service to your cafeteria. To maintain this high level of foodservice management, Consolidated Management surveys you and your customers several times a year. The results of the survey impact employees’ paid time off, which ensures we’re meeting or exceeding your expectations.

We hire a Foodservice Director specifically for you and your needs. Unlike many other cafeteria management companies, Consolidated Management hires Operations Specialists who are hands-on and attuned to the daily operations. The President has a hands-on approach as well, and will visit you at least once a year to ensure we’re meeting your foodservice needs.

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