About Us

Our History

Consolidated Management Company is a regional, on-site food service management company founded in 1975 by Fawzy Simon. Fawzy realized there was a need for a niche player in the on-site cafeteria management industry, a need for someone to do what they say they will while concentrating on small to mid-size accounts. He also believed that honesty is not the best policy, it is the only policy. His values and vision are as relevant today as they were in 1975.

Today, the Company’s leadership team solidly embraces these values and vision. We believe Fawzy would be proud of the company he started. We also believe you will be proud of your food service if you choose us to operate it for you.

Consolidated Management Company is large enough to do the job right and small enough to care about you! Here is what some of our clients say about our cafeteria management:

“The staff and students are delighted with the quality, quantity, presentation, and price of the food…I can’t imagine any food services provider offering a better combination of good food at a reasonable price served by such a happy and capable staff. We would be pleased to recommend Consolidated Management to any agency considering outsourcing its food services.”

“Consolidated does a great job anticipating our needs. Knowing that budgets are tight, they initiated a conversation resulting in a financial savings for us.”

“It’s been especially great to have your expertise and input… “

“In my experience, I have found that Consolidated … does what they say they will do.”

At Consolidated Management Company we work with you as a partner, because that is what we are. When partners work together for the common good, both are winners! Let us show you how we can partner with you.

Our Mission

  • We provide convenient, friendly, customized food service enriching the lives of those we serve.

Our Value Statement

  • Honesty. The way we do everything. All actions accomplished truthfully, genuinely, and free from deception.
  • Excellence. The way we tackle all activities. Doing everything the first class way within the defined parameters.
  • Love and Caring. We treat all people with respect. We cherish them for who they are, the way they are without exception.
  • Profit. The benefit and gain achieved from right activities, both financial and personal.